Writing Articles When You Can’t Write Anymore! How To Get Just One More Article Written.

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We all know that article writing is a great way to get more exposure for your web site, products and of course yourself.


Maybe you’ve written a few articles and want to write a few more but have run out of ideas. What do you do now?


Well always write about what you know AND NEVER copy other people’s work – and don’t try to sneak in a bit of (PLR) Private Label Rights either. The good article directories like EzineArticles and ArticlesHut – know most of them – and so will some of your readers. Here’s a few ideas for you it you have run out of ideas:


  1. Think of something a little more unusual about your topic. If you have written about dogs – try writing about dog names, vacationing with dogs, dogs looking like their owners etc. Well you get the idea. It is often the article that describes something unique or unusual that gets the most exposure.
  2. Tie your article in with a current hot topic or news item. Maybe a sports event, some really hot weather spell, hurricanes etc.
  3. Turn one of your successful articles into a Top 7 or Top 10. Make sure that you add extra information to it.
  4. Consider splitting some of your large articles into two smaller articles or combining two smaller articles into one. Please remember to rewrite them as you combine!
  5. Look at your PLR articles to get some ideas about what to write. Don’t top and tail it please – but do some very comprehensive rewriting.
  6. Revisit your own articles and see if you can improve upon or consolidate some of the information within them.
  7. Do a search on some of your article titles and see what kind of things people are talking about in your topic area. Write a number of articles answering these questions.
  8. Ask your customers and friends what they would like to know about.
  9. Consider starting to write about another complimentary subject.


If all else fails, take a break but keep a pen and paper handy for those thoughts that you might have.





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