Are PQQ’s Getting More Complex To Complete?The simple answer is a resounding YES. More companies are searching for projects and Request For Proposal (RFP) owners are deluged with applications. Evaluating bids is expensive and the best way to keep down the number of applicants is by providing complex PQQ’s (Pre Qualification Questionnaires) to weed out the poor applicants.

Companies are now finding questions that used to be on the main RFP now on the PQQ. You do not want your application to lose at the first opportunity.So how do they handle this situation? Let me, an experienced bid manager prepare your PQQ and tender for you. I will build up a library of standard documents that you can use again and again.

Tender Writing Services

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Standard Proposal Documents

I will produce a library of standard documents found in many PQQs and tenders. These can all be used time and time again with only minimal changes. Health & Safety Statement, Safe Guarding Document, Quality Document and Risk Management Document from $250

Standard Proposal Documents