Starting a new T shirt printing business takes just a small outlay but can be very enjoyable as well as profitable. If you have a design flair it can be a great business to start. You can run this kind of business from your kitchen table, garden shed or garage as well as within a shop. You can start slowly selling in markets and mall kiosks or even from your own web site and work with single buyers or large corporate customers.

This book is an update from a previous book that gives you much greater assistance in starting
your new profitable business. It details how you can set up your new T shirt printing business, what you need to start up and how to market and advertise your business. Some great T shirt printing information and tips are included as well as some sound businessideas on how you can improve and expand your business.

If you want full business advice that includes, administration, packaging, branding, marketingand dealing with corporate customers as well as setting up your own web site – then this is the book for you!

ISBN: 978-0-9563861-5-1
134 pages

$21.50 including shipping costs