Marketing is the lifeblood of your business – without marketing, people won’t know where you are and what you are selling. Isn’t that important enough to need a strategy? After all without a good Marketing Strategy, how will you now what to do, when to do it and what basic information you need? So let me write this foundation of your company – your Marketing Strategy.

Social media is now central to your business which means that whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn. Google+ or Twitter, or even all of them, you will need a great profile. I can write that for you.

Business Proposal

Finding new projects and new clients is a major success factor for any business.  An attractive and winning business proposal that you can present to prospective clients is the best way to achieve this.  We will translate what you company does best into a quality business proposal from $250 for 3 pages

Presentation Deck

When you need to present your company to potential new clients or investors then you need a presentation deck. We will provide you with your own branded deck of 10 slides/1,000 words plus supporting documentation for just $250