So what’s a Marketing Strategy. In simple language - what you are hoping to sell, at what price, to whom and most importantly HOW you will do all of this. This could seem to be a little daunting, so let us help you.

To provide support, ideas and input to your marketing strategy, we spend about an hour on the telephone with you. During this consultation we will discuss your business, your products and services and their market. The consultation is two way and we encourage you to discuss marketing matters that concern you and ask questions of things that you do not know. As an experienced business consultant I will seek to provide answers to your marketing questions. We are not lawyers so are unable to provide legal advice.

At the end of the consultancy, you will have a clearer idea of your marketing ideas and what you wish to sell and to whom. We will have the information needed to produce your marketing strategy. We are proud of our experience and are happy to share with you decades of practical experience. We will write and then email your Marketing Strategy to you for future reference.

$ 495 including phone call

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