Businesses need their own particular format of writing, be it white papers to show your particular skills, hand outs or proposals to obtain sales from a new business customer. Anything that you write with your business name on it has to be perfect. You demand quality and when I write it for you, expect a high quality document that will present your business in the best possible manner.

When approaching a new potential business customer, a one-page proposal that can be mailed or emailed is a great introduction for your company. Let me write that for you.

Another useful business tool is a presentation and supporting hand out. I have written hundreds of these. I can design it to meet your brand standards and add your logo.

Lastly, if you are a technical or professional services company publishing white papers is very common. This takes a lot of research that many people do not have the time to undertake. Let me write that for you. I have written many of them and love the work.

3 page Business Proposal

Everyone needs to contact a business or group of customers to introduce their company with the opportunity of gaining a large sale. This proposal will be suitable for contact by email or letter. We will contact you to find out more information about your company and products. $175

Technical 3 page Small White Paper

These are hard to research but really important to showcase your company's capabilities. $225